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permanent color cream with Ginko Biloba

Professional hair colouring cream. Ensures perfect natural colour for a total coverage of white hair. The wide variety of intense colours and brilliant reflexes to realize long-lasting. Enriched with antioxidant and protective action ' Ginkgo Biloba reduces phenomena of sensitization to natural protection of the structure of the hair and scalp.

shades: FANOLA COLOR is available in 124 nuances.

directions for use: mix in a non-metallic container 50 ml 75 ml of hydrogen peroxide cream scented with Fanola predetermined volumes (mixing ratio 1:1 ' 5) ' until a smooth cream. The Super-lightening series it should be mixed in relation to
1:2 mixing with hydrogen peroxide 40 vol (12%) fragrant.

• COLOR TONE on TONE and coloring BLEACHED HAIR or BLEACHED: 3 ' 5 vol (scented bleach to 1 ' Fanola 05%). Shutter speed 20/25 minutes.
• LIGHTENING and coloring of a TONE: hydrogen peroxide (6%) to 20 perfumed Fanola vol. Exposure time 30/40 minutes.
• Lift and TWO TONE COLOR: hydrogen peroxide 30 vol (9%). to Fanola scented Exposure time 30/40 minutes.
• LIGHTENING and coloring of THREE TONES: hydrogen peroxide 40 vol (12%). to Fanola scented Exposure time 45 minutes.
• 4/5 'S LIGHTENING tones: use the Super-lightening series with hydrogen peroxide to 40 vol (12%). Fanola scented Shutter speed 40/50 minutes for the regrowths.

packaging: 100 ml tube.


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