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MAN 42
MAN 42 - BRIGHT - Man hair color

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MAN 42
BRIGHT - Man hair color

MAN 42

Brightlaboratories, born Man 42, a line of professional products 100% made in Italy for the care and health of hair and beard, designed for every person and lifestyle: dynamic, sporting and business man. 42 man was created for professionals who bring all their creativity in their work,
like a painter with his canvas. These products are designed to give you a chance to meet every need and to create new looks.
The line consists of:
-Shaving Cream
-Shaving Cream
-After Shave
-Alcoholic Aftershave
-Moustache Wax
-Moustache Pomade
-Beard Oil
-Shaving Oil
-Definition Water Wax
-Water based wax
-Sculpting Paste Wax
-Pasta Forte
-Modeling Pomade
-Matt Wax
-Anti Age Day Cream 3.1
-Energy Shampoo