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ELEMENTS 5 ' - DEMERAL - Man hair color

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DEMERAL - Man hair color

Mask elegantly white-haired man.

ELEMENTS has been made to disguise in a discreet and unexpected white-haired man. The 6 shades in the same color natural starting and white hair are masked without creating the helmet effect (characteristic effect of a hair dye). After the first shampoo, a few white hairs may reappear revealing even more discretion and naturally, leaving no growth effect. The intensity of staining lose in a natural and homogeneous in 5-6 weeks.

ELEMENTS possesses anti - toning, and this prevents the color, with the passing of time and with frequent shampoos, may turn slowly toward the red. The characteristic taste of men of the 6 shades has been formulated through a calibrated dosing of certain dyes cold.

ELEMENTS acts in just 5 minutes. It does not contain Ammonia, protects, and has an anti -aging, strengthening the hair, making it softer and smoother thanks to ceramide and extract of Ginseng.

Shades is available in 5 shades ultra- natural and natural shades of gray 1 -specific salt and pepper hair.
method of use : mixed in a 1:1 ratio ELEMENTS coloring cream with concentrated oxidizing emulsion, exposure time 5 minutes.