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LINE JACK DEAN - DENMAN - Man hair color

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DENMAN - Man hair color

THICKENING SHAMPOO - shampoo rinfoltente
A gentle shampoo, ideal for fine hair or brittle. Adds body and volume rinfoltendo and strengthening the hair, with Australian Eucalyptus extract, refreshes and invigorates the scalp.

CONDITIONING SHAMPOO - conditioning shampoo
A mild shampoo for frequent use, with Tea Tree extracts and Macadamia that bring extreme nourishment. A refreshing product that stimulates and strengthens the scalp, leaving the hair nicely clean, light and full of health. Suitable for all hair types.

BAY RUM BODY WASH - the colony
A shower - energizing shampoo with distinctive masculine scent of cologne. This precious shower gel produces a generous lather that gently cleanses your body while menthol gives the skin a boost of energy.

EAU DE PORTUGAL - Portugal water
A classic hair tonic formulated from the original Portuguese recipe. Contains Lemon Oil, Macadamia and Bitter Orange as well as a refreshing citrus aroma.

EAU DE Quinine - Quinine water
A classic hair tonic formulated to stimulate and invigorate the crown. The Quinine has a floral fragrance that combines jasmine, lily of the valley and Macadamia with hints of citrus and vanilla.

AMERICAN BAY RUM - American colony
The authentic, aromatic hair and scalp tonic derived from a warm, spicy infusion of bay leaves and clover leaves with sweet orange and basil oil.

box: 250 ml bottles.